Sri Lanka By Cycle


Unveil the Island’s Charm in Two-Wheel Harmony

Day 1 – Negombo: Setting Wheels to Tarmac
As the airplane touches the runway in Colombo, your journey into the heart of Sri Lanka begins. A seamless transfer whisks you to Negombo, where your hotel becomes a haven of rest. Relax, rejuvenate, and let the excitement of the cycling adventure ahead be the lullaby that cradles you into a night of anticipation.

Day 2 – Polonnaruwa: Pedaling into Ancient Echoes
The morning sun kisses Negombo as you embark on a vehicle journey to Dambulla. The air becomes charged with adventure as you mount your cycles, pedaling through the scenic routes to Polonnaruwa. Check into your Polonnaruwa abode, where the night promises to be a tapestry woven with the tales of ancient civilizations.

Day 3 – Habarana: Wheels through History
Let your cycle be your guide as you explore the ancient wonders of Polonnaruwa, the wind whispering tales of a bygone era. The journey continues with a cycle ride to Girithale, where adventure seamlessly blends with tranquility. A vehicle whisks you to Habarana, your next destination, where the day crescendos with a safari ride in Minneriya National Park. The night unfolds in the comforts of your Habarana retreat.

Day 4 – Kandy: Cycling Majesty and Cultural Soiree
Mount your cycles once again, this time traversing the trails from Habarana to Sigiriya. Explore the iconic Lion Rock Fortress, an ancient marvel that stands as a testament to Sri Lanka’s rich history. Your cycle journey continues to Naula via Kandalama, culminating in a traditional Sri Lankan lunch. As the day bids adieu, a vehicle whisks you to Kandy, where your hotel awaits. The night is a celebration of the day’s cycling triumphs.

Day 5 – Departure: Homeward Bound with Memories Spun in Pedals
The final day dawns, and a vehicle journey from Kandy to Colombo marks the conclusion of your cycling escapade. Arrive at the airport, not just with luggage but with a heart laden with the unforgettable memories of Sri Lanka by cycle. Depart with the echoes of pedaling adventures and the promise of more journeys on two wheels.

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